Proton 1250 CD, CDR & DVD Declassifier


The Proton 1250 provides the ultimate remedy for data control for Writable, Re-writable and CD and DVD media, and assures that Department of Defense destruction requirements are met. The Proton 1250 is simple to use and operates quietly and completely declassifies a wide variety of optical media.

Product Information

  • Destroys CDs and DVDs into dust particles
  • NSA/DOD Approved
  • Meets NSA/CSS Specification 04-02
  • Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL)
  • Improves operating efficiency
  • Destroys the focal plane and data according to government standards
  • Easily portable to multiple locations
  • Assures high standard of operation to commercial and government businesses
  • Base Cabinet with Casters
  • Self-contained collection tote
  • This patented device, employing “micro indentation” reliably penetrates the data surface of target media, destroys the focal plane and any readable data and allows standard disposal of the media.
  • A large, secured, 4 cubic foot “tote” stores hundreds of declassified CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Meets all DOD specs for destruction of optical media.
  • Also known as Proton 1250-INT – ask for international voltages



Proton 1250 CD, CDR & DVD Declassifier
Proton 1250 CD, CDR & DVD Declassifier